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With 26 years of graphic design there isn't a thing that we can't help you with. Be it a simple logo for a business card or a layout for a magazine, we can design it. We can take those same logos & layouts and animate them for any social media platform or TV commercial.

You will not be charged for any design until sign-off.

Our priority is to have the correct design with the best message for your business, club or project. 

Give us a call on +64 274 943 033 or email us at and discuss your design concepts. 

$113.85 per hour

$113.85 per hour



We provide a photo restoration and colourisation service.
This sample photo is a typical example of a one hour restoration and colourisation.

We highly recommend having your precious photographs restored. Every day your old photographs deteriorate by the sun, changing temperature and the very nature of how our universe works with constant photon bombardment.

Because your photos have been digitally scanned, once the photo is repaired, it will last forever.
We can provide a personalised USB, and also offer an archive storage service to keep a copy of everything we produce as a backup.


Photograph restoration & Colourisation
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