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Our company has 20 years' experience in producing all kinds of documentary subjects, e.g schools, clubs, businesses, and institutions that are willing to fund documentaries. We are currently producing a documentary on the history of the Invercargill Bascilca as it is a New Zealand Historic Places Trust Building. The documentary will hopefully be picked up by one of the major channels as a national story of interest.

We are developing a service called ARCVEO. This process has been designed to produce a person's digital life story by recording their memories in an interview-style and archiving their photographs, family films and every asset that helps tell their story, for eternity.



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Documentary Production                                                                                                                                        
This can include assets such as personal interviews, archive footage, music, voice-overs, photos, titles, green screen, and animation. (Terms and conditions apply)

We offer a discounted rate for multiple video productions if your documentary follows similar production paths or becomes a series such as corporate training videos.

 starting from $2,300.00

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It is time, to step back into the lives of your loved ones while they are still with us, and record their stories as a professional video production.

We are all familiar with watching TV documentaries about famous people, but isn't it time we made those documentaries about members of our own family, who are equally famous in our lives.

Audio Visual Design and Print, formerly known as Big Screen Advertising, have produced funeral videos, livestreams, and family archival slide presentations for 20 years. 

We were the first company in New Zealand to evolve black & white service sheets to full
pictorial-coloured layouts, featuring the life images of the bereaved.

This is how the process works

We video an interview with you, with your own questions and stories, or we can provide a questionnaire template for you to follow. We can video this in any setting you desire or in front of a green screen, which allows us to digitally add a background such as photos or videos of your choosing. Friends and family can be interviewed as well. We will scan and archive every photo, letter, and newsprint that is offered to us. We will photograph items in your home, such as wall frames, trophies, ornaments, records, CDs, DVDs, hobby equipment, furniture, clothes, locations, and gardens. This includes digitally archiving old VHS family videos, slides, 8 and 16 mm home movies. All of this will be edited in to a documentary style video. The finished production can be stored on a suitable hard drive and we also digitally archive all the material on our system, in case you lose it. We can produce a shorter version of the documentary suitable to be played at funerals in the event of the your passing. That allows you to deliver your own eulogy on that day. With all this data on file we will be able to pre-prepare a service sheet, slide presentation, and can offer livestreaming services to distant family and friends, if required. These completed preparations will take pressure away from your family at such a time.

We have a 3-tiered pricing structure: Platinum,
Gold, and Silver.

In this premium process, we gather all the assets and information listed above, and record as many interviews that it takes to tell your whole story. We produce a detailed documentary of your life story with a duration time suitably tailored to you. Be it a feature length or mini-series production. A shorter highlight video will be produced, should you need it for a family event such as a anniversary or funeral.

This will include most of the qualities of a Platinum service, but with a final duration time of up to an hour. As the process evolves and the results are observed, you may decide to upgrade to Platinum. A shorter highlight video is also available in this package.

This is simply a short highlight video of your life, with a duration of up to 15 mins. It can include a videoed personal message, story or eulogy from you, accompanied with a selection of photos, images and video footage if desired.

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